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Our wholesale Minimun Order (MOQ) is US$100,you can do mixed order. If total less than US$100,the wholesale price will add 30% each products to become retail price.

  • 1. The shopping cart will save for 8-10 hours for each item. if some items disappear it is because pass 8-10 hours, you can re-add to cart from website again, if you need more than 10 hours to finish order, pls contact us on line to help.
  • 2.Second, please fill the quantity you need,and then click the “Update Qty”.
  • 3.Third, using the “continue Shopping” to choose other items you need.
  • 4.fourth, after you choose all the items, please click “Go Cashier” to Complete the order.

1.if the items you order more than 100 items, you could divided the order into two orders so that Submitted more easily, I will get them together when I send the invoice to you .

2.if you are from Russia,UKRaine. You have to devide your big order to samll parcels to pass your custom office easy.Each small order please place under BKG,and Shipping method please only chose EMS